We offer a full range of products that allow you to assemble a internet TV service quickly and pain free. We also specialise in providing components that have a very low total cost of ownership. The following diagram shows an overview of our current product stack:

Android TV
If you would like to provide a premium experience that includes managed hardware we can provide a cost effective solution for either a stick or Set Top Box based product. We have worked closely with manufacturers to design and select an ideal hardware solution for this space and provide a full package including all software and hardware.

Device SDK
We have made multiple device development and deployment a reality with our TVE SDK that allows you to develop once and deploy across multiple devices with a rich feature set that makes the most of the native features of that device. The SDK allows you to create fully customisable solutions that best meet the requirements of your business.

TVE Middleware
For rapid deployments we provide a middleware stack that is optimised to drive our TVE SDK. This platform is able to combine data feeds from many leading services such as thePlatform, Brightcove, Ooyala and Kaltura or you can select to use our provided Media Asset Management platform for this function. We also integrate feeds from third party providers such as Rotten Tomatoes, Imdb, Rovi and more.

Recommendations and Ratings
We have developed a specialist solution to provide recommendations on a movie and TV content so that you can deliver personalised content recommendations to your users.