Android TV

Deploy your own managed service

We offer a selection of Android based Set Top Box and Stick/Dongle devices that has been optimised to work with our software and middleware stack. These devices include a TV experience specific build of the Android OS and cover many features including:

  • Native TV optimised UI widget library (an extension on our multiscreen SDK)
  • Selection of 3rd party or custom players
  • Players with support for HEVC and 4k resolution
  • Support for a wide range of DRM: PlayReady, Verimatrix, Widevine, customer AES based HLS and more
  • Built in remote control server for use with Android/iOS and other devices
  • Selection of 2.4Ghz based hardware remote controls
  • On device transcode (dependent on hardware capabilities)
  • Hybrid based software that can play DVB(T2/S2) content
  • HbbTV support for DVB based boxes (upcoming feature!)
  • Direct integration with leading Online Video Platforms e.g. thePlatform, Brightcove, Ooyala and Kaltura
Android TV System Overview

Android TV System Overview

In regard to hardware some of the items we offer include:

  • Dual core ARM Android based stick
  • Quad core ARM Android based stick
  • Marvell chipset based STB (Google TV equivalent)
  • Hybrid DVB / Android box with tuner

If you would like further information or a demo please contact us.