In Network Cache

Flatten your content delivery costs

If your content delivery costs are increasing in line with the growth of your business and you are delivering large amounts of content then this is a useful solution for increasing performance and reducing costs.

Our In Network Cache is a solution that can be dropped into a network peering or directly within a major Internet Service Providers network to provide you with a near flat rate for content delivery.

This is a hardware based solution consisting of a large storage capacity (20TB to 135TB+) and high volume (multi 10Gbps) local cache for any kind of video or other static content. We have a proven blend of spinning disk, SSD and RAM based cache for maximum performance.

Performance Stats

  • Over 20,000 concurrent connections per node
  • 50% CPU load
  • 18Gbps per node
  • 35Gbps+ for 3 node cluster with no QoS degradation
  • 99.9% uptime

To achieve this we have tweaked and customised the best available solution using a performance optimised version of the Backblaze storage pod with high performance SAS backplanes and enterprise grade hardware RAID and caching. This is combined with the Netflix Open Connect software and a number of advanced features such as offering on the fly packaging and encryption based on a custom Nginx module.

Software features

  • Encoding and packaging for all major formats: mp4, HLS, HDS, RTMP, RTSP and more
  • Dynamic repackaging and manifest manipulation through custom Nginx module
  • On the fly encryption
  • BGP based routing engine
  • High load optimised TCP stack
  • High performance optimised ZFS based filesystem
  • Simple to integrate into existing software stacks
  • Advanced purge based cache control, no TTLs required for maximum performance