Real Time Video Edit and Ad Insertion

If you are looking for a means to take many video files and splice these together into a single stream either for batch processing of edit decision lists or server side ad insertion we offer a range of solutions to achieve this.

Video Ad Insertion Overview

For edit purposes we simply require a list of edit / cue points and we can dynamically splice together a video and deliver in any format required.

For ad insertion we take an industry standard VMAP file (collection of VAST markup and wrappers with cue points) and use this to dynamically generate a single file for seamless ad playback. We also provide a player plugin that allows you to still collect all the required ad statistics and handle events such as click throughs.

We also integrate directly with all major Online Video PLatforms such as Brightcove, thePlatform, Ooyala and Kaltura.

We can also generate outputs for: mp4, HLS, DASH and more and also include DRM technologies such as PlayReady, Verimatrix and more

For more information Request a Demo

For a demo all we require are some details for an existing feed and an ad tag (or we can just create this for you).