Recommendations and Ratings

Enrich your user experience

Contextual Recommendations
If you have an existing source of content and would like to provide recommendations for similar content we can generate a feed of related based on your existing list of assets. We have pre-existing plugins that will work with services such as: thePlatform, Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura and similar services to provide recommended lists of content.

We are also able to tune these feeds to your specific needs and align them other key sources of contextual data such as movie databases.

If you would like a free trial please contact us.

Personalised Recommendations
We provide an advanced service for providing recommendations and rating of generic content assets. With this service you can combine key user generated data such as views, view durations, shares, ratings and save for later information to generate rich and dynamic lists of content for your users.

In addition we can combine this with contextual analysis of assets and third party data services to provide rich lists to people browsing content.

How it works

  1. You publish events to our service such as play, rate, share with an anonymous userid
  2. Optional also publish asset records for context/semantic analysis
  3. We process the data and create lists for your users based on your content and events
  4. You query our service based on userid to get the enriched data