TVE Middleware

Making multi screen deployment manageable

Managing multi screen software development can be a complicated business and you can end up requiring man internal teams or being dependent on a large range of sub contractors.

To tackle this problem we have developed a centralised UI rendering solution that let’s you centrally manage your UI rendering across many devices while taking into account all the aspects that are important for CDN and client driven caching to ensure high performance. With our solution you can choose if you want to manage per device templates or use responsive designs to handle each device.

TVE Middleware Overview

Features of this solution include:

  • Templates are built in simple HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • Template data integration is via simple server side markup
  • Avoids complicated client side template rendering that often doesn’t perform on resource limited devices
  • Centralises your feed and third party system integration so you don’t have to integrate on every device
  • Makes deployment of new application features a breeze